November 11th, 2013

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November 11th, 2013

KoreanMemorialWhile walking in James Gardens last Saturday afternoon I noticed what looked like vibrant red leaves on the top branches of some otherwise bare shrubbery.

Curious, I walked over and this is what I discovered.  The “leaves” were actually red ribbons tied onto the shrubs; and there was a wreath.   A poster along side that explained what the memorial was about.

memorialTextYes, but the explanation assumes that we know something about the Korean war, and really, I know just about nothing.  Still it’s touching that Korean-Canadians (as I suppose that’s who has arranged for this memorial) have made this gesture of gratitude and remembrance.

It’s Remembrance Day in Canada with wreath-laying ceremonies throughout the country, and there you’ll find elderly veterans wiping away tears and the expression of many heart-felt sentiments from officials.

However this year the government has placed a limit on the gratitude.  Instead of pensions for disabled veterans of the war in Afghanistan for instance, the government has established a procedure of paying out a single lump sum of up to $250,000 (along with an offer of support in retraining).

Here’s an angry rant from Rick Mercer.  As usual he’s got a point or two worth considering.

For a little background about the Korean war check out this video source and others to be found on youtube.  Lest we forget…